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Pixy Misa's Journal of DOOM!

It's all about the gay boys.

Pixy Misa
18 July 1979
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I haven't changed this is a long-ass while, so I figure I'd just start over from scratch. I am a female homo sapiens of the homosexual variety, born at the very end of the seventies. I was raised by two parents who identify as both straight and LDS (or, by the more common and general name, Mormons). I have an older brother (married, two kids) and a younger sister (single).

My dream is to become an author. I am an amateur novelist, with several works in progress and only one non-salable NaNoWriMo novel finished. I do have a more salable novel that is almost complete, however. I also enjoy reading and watching anime. Having said that, I don't watch TV. Ever. My television viewing is done through the magic of DVD or the internets. I have two cats, and live with two more. My cats are Becker--a dumb male jellico who resembles a cow--and Emori, a seal-point siamese with extra toes and ADD.

My journal consists predominantly of ranting and rambling, with a touch of bitching with some digression on the side.

I do have multiple journals. My supernatural fanfiction is now on teashopmuses, so I'm not spamming my friendslist with fic and my original writing journal is briannon, and that is friends only and mostly just hosts my NaNoWriMo novels.