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I have a new fish, Amaltheia, and a snail, Thebe. The dog still isn't fixed, but at least her bloodwork looks better, so theoretically she'll get fixed on the 18th. My taxes are done, and I'm getting a state and federal return, so WHEEEEE! I'm also not working as much this month, so SLEEEEEEEP! (Seriously, sleep is so awesome.) Also, I'm trying to get back into fandom, but I still haven't caught up in SPN. There have been all of these other things distracting me, like Leverage, and Avengers. (Totally writing some Leverage fic now. :D As soon as I have part two written, I'll even post it.) I also now have a 3DS, so I'm prepared for Pokemon X and Y, and I donated my DSi to Anna, along with my copy of Pokemon White. She says she'll start playing after we're done with SPN_cinema.

So, speaking of fandom again, time for the FANDOM TO-DO LIST:


1. Winchester Mining Company, SPN_cinema
2. All That is Left, part three
3. 9 to 5, wing!fic
4. SPN art, prepping for SPN_J2_Bigbang


1. Call On Me, courtship 'verse
2. Seagull, AU Cap/Coulson fic
3. Trans!Cap fic


1. Surveillance, part two of Eliot/Hardison porn series
Tags: fandom, real life
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