Pixy Misa (pixymisa) wrote,
Pixy Misa

I'm alive! (No, really!)

I know I've been MIA for, uh, a few months, so I should give you guys an update.

I've been working a lot. This month is pretty light on my night job, so I'm getting sleep (yay!) but not much money (boo!). My life recently has been consisting of working and cleaning up animal stains on the carpet. (Vomit twice since I woke up today.) We still have the dog, who yesterday managed to meet two of our neighbors without sounding like she was going to eat them and also ASKED TO GO OUT when she had to pee instead of using the carpet. (SCORE!) We also recently re-homed the stray calico kitty with one of my clients, who is absolutely thrilled with her. And this means that Tara has stopped pissing and shitting behind the TV. (DOUBLE SCORE!)

I've not been terribly active in fandom. Guys, I still haven't watched SPN beyond 8.02. Tell me that it awakens all of my brother-loving feelings? Please? Also, my other show, Fringe, has been all weird and shit, and I'm still behind on that, too. And even my survivalist show, Dual Survival, hasn't been all that awesome. (Host Dave was replaced after Discovery Channel found out that he'd padded his resume, and the new guy seems to be a complete ass.)

Good things are that I have a new laptop, Agent Coulson. Wheeee! It has Windows 8 on it, which kind of sucks, but it's not as bad as Vista. Still have to transfer stuff over from Roxas, install some form of Photoshop onto it so I can make with the pretty art again, maybe be an artist for one of the upcoming bangs. And my betta, Io, has made it past the one year mark. Whee! Also for Christmas I got a GODDAMNED CARPET SHAMPOOER for all of the lovely pet stains in the house. It's awesome, seriously. Christmas with my family went well, expect for a snafu with the white elephant exchange and the requisite head injury (no insurance, no ER, no stitches, ALL THE H/C KARMA).

The weather in Michigan has been doing this whip-lash thing where it's almost 60 one day and then in the teens the next. Between that and the dog I've been living off of my cough syrup. And Anna got diagnosed with bronchitis and a sinus infection yesterday. ALL OF THE SICKNESSES!

So, what have you guys been up to? How is 2013 treating you so far?
Tags: cats, family, fandom, real life
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