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A little belated, but this was a very trying weekend -- worked all Friday night, had a funeral on Saturday, worked from 11pm Saturday to 8pm Sunday night, plus I'm still a little sick -- but YAY MY ARTIST FOR BIG BANG IS uh_tiramisu! I had a quick chance to stalk her on her journal and take a look at her art, and I really dig her style. :D It kind of reminds me of mine, but with drawn backgrounds and fewer distinct lines. She also has really cool composition skills. It really makes me want to see what she's going to do with the fic.

Speaking of which, my fic is the Dragonriders of Pern AU. I've kind of had the idea for a few years (that's generally what I like to use these challenges for, getting plot bunnies out of my head) but I didn't have the mental resources to actually write it. But I love writing this kind of AU, adapting the boys' personal history to fit the setting. (Take a vote, guys, what should my next SPN AU be based off of? High fantasy? Space adventure? My Little Pony???)

Now, I just need to get SPN Cinema out of the way, and then I can make Dragonborne all pretty.
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